Our Rice Products:

In our rice mill we manufacture different varieties of rice and sell at wholesale in different parts of India  and also the rice exporters where we export the rice in Nepal & China and will be expanding our business and exporting the rice to other different countries too.

Long Grain Rice
Baby Basmati Rice
Parmal Rice
Small Grain Angoori rice
HM Sharbati Rice
Basmati Rice

Processing Unit:

We have one of the biggest rice processing unit  where we manufacture different varieties of both Basmati & non- Basmati rice in our rice mill and supply it in a large quantity to all wholesellers, retailers, hotels  & restaurants in a best wholesale rate. The rice-milling unit, consist of advanced technological tools through which we produce high quality. We also have latest Japanese technologies   machineries which process the rice which maintain the quality  & sustain the aroma of the rice.

Rice Processing
Rice Processing Machine
Rice Plant


In rice mill we do the packaging of different varieties of rice that we offer is done under hygienic conditions. To retain the quality and longer shelf life we pack it in moisture-proof packaging material. The packages are available of different sizes i.e. 5kg, 10kg, 20 kg & 25 kgs.

HM Angoori Rice Pack
HM Sharbati Rice Pack
HM Basmati 1121 Rice Pack


We have one of the biggest rice storage area in Uttrakhand (India). The stock of different varieties  of rice which we  store in a warehouse is stored in a mass quantity after processing the rice under a hygienic conditions and took care from all  insects & germs and then accordingly supplied it to different parts of country and export it to foreign country

Bulk Riice
Biggest Rice Warehouse
Storage Area