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Long-grain rice is also known as Basmati 1121 rice.  It is a hybrid extra long grain rice variety grown in Haryana, Punjab & Uttar Pradesh region of India. It is a thin rice grain with average grain length of 8.2 MM – 8.35 MM & the elongation ratio of the grain is 3 times if cooked well. Long Grain Basmati Rice (1121 Basmati Rice) are mostly available in Brown, Raw/ White, Steam, Sella/ Parboiled & Golden Sella rice forms.

The main difference between 1121 Basmati Rice and other Basmati Rice lies in the length of the grain. It is longest basmati grain in the world before and after cooking. The grain of 1121 Basmati rice is thinner than other Basmati Rice. It standout amongst the most well known rice assortments because of its  texture, nutty flavor, and popcorn-like smell. The rice is fleecy and dry and the grains don't stick together after it is cooked.

Nutrition Value:

Calories 262
Protein 6.1
Carbohydrate 57.8
Fat 0.5
Fibre 1.7
Long Grain Rice Manufacturer
Long Grain Rice Manufacturer


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