iso standard

Quality Standard

LB Agro stresses on the institutionalized nature of its nourishment items and has subsequently, been granted with the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for its unflagging endeavors. We understand that strict quality standards can be accomplished just with powerful observing and investigation, appropriate from the procurement of agrarian items to a definitive phase of bundling. Cleanliness and security hones have been appropriately received in our procedures to guarantee deformity free items. Our items are moreover free from fake hues, seasoning specialists and additives.

Our business practices and procedures are intended to accomplish quality outcomes that surpass the desires for patients, clients, associates, speculators, business accomplices and controllers. We have a tireless enthusiasm for Quality in all that we do.

Our definitive point is to deliver a zero deformity item and every one of our frameworks should go about as channels at all levels to guarantee that our items are of good quality and satisfy the individual necessities of our clients.



Safety Policy

Our workers are our capital - they are the backbone of what we do. Since we value human life more than anything else, we take utmost care of our workers' safety. Our factories and machines are regularly and diligently examined by highly-trained technicians and engineers.

The safety of our clients and customers too, is extremely important to us. That is why our products and services meet the strictest standards existing anywhere in the world.

We take care that we use safe technologies to protect our environment against air and water pollution and deforestation. Development thrives in safety. It renders us a peace of mind that enables us to think beyond the immediate concerns.

environment safety

Environment Safety

Long-grain rice is also known as Basmati 1121 rice. It is roughly four times longer than it is wide and  standout amongst the most well known rice assortments because of its surface, nutty flavor, and popcorn-like smell. The rice is fleecy and dry and the grains don't stick together after it is cooked.