Advance Method Of Rice Processing

Paddy is a raw form of rice which can't be consumed by human being directly. So, it become necessary to process paddy to obtain in rice. Rice processing is the procedure which helps in in removal of hulls and barns from paddy grains to produce cleaned rice, keeping in mind of restoring the nutrients of the rice. Before starting the process we procure high quality paddy from the farmers from different states.

We use the Japanese technology to process the rice which is done as follows.

Pre-Cleaning: Removing all impurities and unfilled grains from paddy.

Parboiling/Steaming: It helps in improving the nutritional quality by gelatinization of starch inside the rice grain.

Fine Cleaning: Removing impurities and unhealthy grains from dried paddy.

De-Stoning: Separating small stones from paddy.

De-Husking: Removing husk from paddy

Husk Aspiration: Separating the husk from the brown rice.

Paddy Separation: Separating the un-husked paddy from brown rice.

Whitening: Part of the barn layer and germ from brown rice.

Polishing: Improving the appearance of milled rice by improving the remaining barn particles and by polishing the exterior of the milled kernel

Grading: Length Grading: Seprating small and large broken rice from head rice.

Sorting: Separating discolor and black grains

Weighing and Bagging: Preparing the milled rice for transport is the customer.